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You just See?

You just See? – Poetry By Maynna Pandey – Hindi Shayari Web.

“You Just See” is a poem that highlights the idea that people often only see what is on the surface and don’t take the time to look deeper into a person’s true feelings, struggles, and experiences. The poem expresses the idea that there is often more to a person than what they choose to reveal, and that taking the time to understand and empathize with others can lead to a deeper connection and understanding. The poem encourages the reader to look beyond the facade that people put up and to seek to understand the true essence of a person.

You just see my Scars & pigments

 But not my mind slashed into fragments!! 


You just see my assymmetrical figure

 but not your casual comments act like a trigger!!


I  know your favourites 

But you’re too busy to know mine

 I hate to See your tears

But sometimes, you’re the reason for mine!!

Out into nature!!

I love ur smile reading my cards

But for you, ever a word to write is too hard!?


Your ultimate goal is me

 Still different pressures just ruin our spree!!


I adulate you everytime

  Nowadays, ur flaring-up vexation’s bridging the line!!


Why we both are too formal?

 why is this the is this the “NEW NORMAL” ?!


Why don’t you just confess 

That you got someone else to impress!!


Hey Mark; answer me 

Why you blemishing our relation’s tree!!


You vowed “NO SECRETS & Complete Truth”

 “Then why you just on my contentment’s Loot!!


 Now, I don’t mind whatever you SEE 

Cuz it’s your loss you’re losing ME!!


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