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What is The Meaning of Chivalry? | Don’t wink at me

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What is The Meaning of Chivalry?

Hey you,
Don’t wink at me
Bearing an eve tease isn’t easy
Where’s your goddamn, chivalry?

You stop my way baselessly
Passing verbal shits recklessly
There’re more STAINS like you in this business tree
where’s your goddamn chivalry?

You’re a sadist, snatching my smiles
Now I sense that street from the miles
Cuz Now I’m gonna smash you worse than reptiles
Do you take it as Man’s bravery?
Where’s your goddamn chivalry?

I won’t waste my “Niles” thinking of you
Cuz this societal cheapness isn’t new
Is this what you learn daily?
Where’s your goddamn chivalry?

You ride your bike round n’ round
Trying to threaten with that sound
It isn’t my wound
You’ll be in trouble once it’s found

Why do girls get “house arrested” due to you
when it’s you needing a “lockup” hue
Do you practice it in your family?
Where’s your Goddamn Chivalry?

Girls, you must realize
That just ANGER won’t suffice
Stand up and kick down “there”
Take them to a new atmosphere

Spray some chilly
Punch them hard
Don’t just go with their “acting card”

Report it to the law
& become an example
That we are HUMANS & not just a sample
Let’s teach these REFUSE properly
What is the meaning of Chivalry?


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