Your Smile Status - Tere Muskurane Se Shayari

With your smile, we smile, your sad eyes moisten us. What is my relation with you, those who are lost in your thoughts forever.

My lips bloom from the petals of a flower, because of your smile. Without you there is nothing, the eyes also tremble from getting your sight.

My sadness goes away with your smile. Come on, my lips also smile because of your arrival.

We are not living even for life, because of you or smiling. break the silence, tell me what happened to the crazy.

The courtyard of the house has become barren, which used to bloom like a gulshan because of your smile. Last request, fill my lips with laughter, I will smile with you.

Tell me the price of smiling, I will auction myself, for your smile. You are not smiling, your breath is stopping, smile once for my life.

I don't know my fault, then why is my cold breath from time immemorial? Smile once, maybe life will come with your smile.

The heart of the heart has been ruined, your smile will be fragrant. Say sorry with a smile, the broken heart will recover again.