You in My Thoughts Poetry - Khyalon Me Tum Status

These days people call me a little crazy. That's why all the time I am immersed in your thoughts.

My pen also writes your name, you live in my thoughts too. You are mentioned in all my words, you live in the dreams of open eyes.

You are in my dreams, you are in my thoughts, what a joy this is. Wherever I go to find your shadow, is it love or is it love.

What is happening these days, I do not feel anywhere without your heart. You are persecuted a lot in your thoughts, even this heart does not tell you my heart.

Arzoo Dil Mera Yeh Kare, only you come in my thoughts. Coming into dreams will soon become my reality.

You came in thoughts, you are very much liked by the heart. I wish that moment also comes, the thought becomes a reality.

You come in your thoughts like this, that you don't come and go again. To do something like this, two bodies are called one life.

The night has come, I have a dream to meet you, I met you in the morning thoughts while walking. The rain came, the path changed, the wait was long, now that the flowers of love have blossomed.