Waiting in Love Shayari

That traveler has gone, wake up the love in my heart. Got all the loot from me, if only the rest, just wait.

The situation is not of meeting, but hope is alive and waiting. I was born, I could not grow up, my love was very young.

Eyes kept moist ever since in incomplete love. Made the way home waiting for them.

The news of his arrival did not smell like flowers in the spring of now. The eyes became lifeless, the neer was waiting for him.

I am the crop of old age, I don't have any desire. It seems to me that I have been waiting unnecessarily for the past hours.

I wish the clocks waited before my hair dried up. The desires of the heart were erased, the last wish remained for his vision.

My red eyes were flowing in wait for him. It was only in my power to wait for him.

Wanted to forget, but to forget where is in my power. The one who was happy to pass, where is that Comfort now waiting?