Inspirational Quotes to Help You Get Through Hard Times

Don't know when this time will change, will you ever be able to smile again. Those who have lost all their lives waiting, will they come back?

What was that time too, he used to be in front and my lips used to smile. My gum-e-pain used to be like ointment, when they were visible.

Thought the time passed, the wounds would be healed, the pain found in love would also subside. Nothing has changed in life, in this way we will become memorable one day.

The one who did not pass a moment without me, time has changed, my friend has changed. Now there is no reason to smile, every dream of mine has slipped away like sand.

Even bad times would have passed, if he had remained with her. Fighting the difficulties of a lifetime, my friend would have stayed with me

Today the time is bad, so what, tomorrow only this time will testify of my beliefs. We have cried tears of blood, tomorrow they will punish themselves for their own mistakes.

He laughs at me with some words, that today time is not mine. When tomorrow will change, I will ask everyone the address where my friend is.

Till you realized your worth, we started flowing like tears. Today the time is not mine, so every sorrow you have done should be tolerated.