The Saddest Shayari "A Tear That Is My Own"

A tear which is my own, the rest of the world is very dear to me. He becomes my everything, fulfills every relationship very well.

Tales of hidden pain are a part of every story of mine. A tear which is my own, that story of life.

Very scared of the universe, he comes to the courtyard of the eyes in loneliness. A tear which is my own and if anyone sees it, it hides in my lap.

Don't break your promise, don't ever leave mine. A tear which is my own, should not turn away under any circumstances.

In my loneliness, he comes through the eyelids and caresses my cheeks. A tear that soothes my own, desperate mind.

Whoever I met was unfaithful, but this one is loyal to me. A tear that is my own and sighs with me.

Whenever the past has tormented me, he has come to take care of me. A tear that has made me feel mine, my own.

He hasn’t cheated, he is pretending to be a companion in life. A tear which is my own, is always shed in my despair.