Tales of Faltering Lips Shayari - Lips Story in English

Make it clear that I will not be left in agony The tales of faltering lobes, if someone is yours, then tell me.

My body has started trembling, my eyes are moist. With faltering words, Naina has started saying Dard-e-Ishq.

Sadness prevailed, sometimes there was a smile, when was luck crazy. If someone was like himself, he would have told the story of the faltering lobbies.

The faltering words of the request, but they continued to ignore. He started smiling with the people, and we kept dying little by little

The age says smile, then the wobbly lips do not know how to smile. My soul starts trembling when my heart narrates my pain-e-love.

I wish something like this happens, I can forget the time that has passed. Then maybe for the wobbly lips, I'll find a smile

How can I tell the story of Ishq-e-Dard, before saying anything, I falter. Now I have no desire or desire, listen to my request to stop my breath, Lord.

He has consumed me, for whose sake this heart has cried. Not only do you falter, my lips have lost a lot.