Sad Poetry I don't have any complaint with luck.

I agree that I wrote the story of tears, but I am not unfaithful. Why should I complain to him, when I have no complaint with my luck.

I am not taught by luck, But it is very difficult to live after losing love. Nights passed in agony and lonely when the heart cries.

For the sake of whom he had to bear oppression, that person turned out to be so kind hearted. Now maybe the breath will stop, every single moment so far has turned out to be difficult.

I don't have any complaints or complaints, luckily now. Tears are in my favor, what difference does hatred make to me.

Neither should I complain about luck, nor should I expect from love. Neither dependent on any kindness, cried a lot because of his grace.

Thousands of oppressions and tortures, Still not complaining about luck. The box of love was a gift, it's not even a mistake

With whom should I get wet, with whom should I complain. Blame luck, or put the blame on yourself. The broken trust was my decision, How to heal the wounds of the heart by applying ointment on your own

I don't have any complaints with luck, I have created these situations myself. No one should call him unfaithful, that's why these tears are still hidden