Sad Love Poems: Lost Love Poetry for Broken Hearts

If I show my right on you, you are not that trust of mine. I don't have that luck to be able to call you mine.

After tolerating your torture, the eyes turned to stone, now even tears do not flow. Made loneliness a companion, no one else is called a companion.

Broke the heart full of love, why did you stop meeting. Why did my love become a fault, that you turned your face away from me.

Why did I also become unfaithful after living with you. You are angry with me, I am angry with the world.

You too yearn, like me someone leaves you yearning. Feel my pain, I wish someone would leave me dying every moment.

There was a lot of intoxication with your company, then these steps have gone astray. Many monsoons have come and gone, the flowers of the heart are not fragrant.

Couldn't get you even after finding you, God couldn't fulfill that love. Without your sieve, we could not show the wounds of our heart even if we wanted to.

My last wish is to leave the world of the heart. You can't find even if you want to, then you get lost somewhere like this.