Sad Love Breakup Poetry of Boy

Those who tell life in the eyes, have started stealing eyes. Now they have started making new excuses for not meeting

On the pretext of applying ointment on the wounds, they run daggers in the chest. Nowadays only lovers are buried in pieces

What if the desire is not fulfilled now, we will want you again. The age of this birth has passed, will come with another birth

I smile just to make you smile, otherwise I don't leave any reason to smile. Time has made me cry a lot, you too have left no stone unturned to torture me

When you used to look, you used to ride, after that you never used to ride yourself. We will bear the wounds given by you, but it is not acceptable to be the reason for your sorrow.

Whenever you have been mentioned, I have kept my lips silent. Even calling you unfaithful is a punishment for me.

The lamp does not burn in the house, since the hope of your arrival has ended. Now my love for darkness and my fear of loneliness have reduced.

Now you can't find me even after coming, I erased all the traces of meeting. Now love with you is not your desire, all those desires have been destroyed.