Poetry Will Leave Your City – Tera Shahar Chhod Jayege Shayari

Before you leave, Tamanna-e-Shahar will leave you. Once the wings are spread, then these birds will not come back.

The city of the unfaithful is yours, now the city-e-rukhsat is happening. Don't go right, Jillt-e-Ishq, now take away your unfulfilled laughter.

How will it live here, in Kadar-e-Ishq not your City. Leave your city, my heart should not be in any havoc.

After you are unfaithful, what is left in your city? Leave your city, there is only deception in your city.

Lovely eyes do not shed tears again, when I leave your city. Nibhau Ishq-e-Mohabbat, don't come back for your loved ones.

You will leave the city for your smile. Embrace Hasrat-e-Dil, you will not be able to see again

What is kept in your streets now, this city seems barren without you. Leave your city, love used to flow, now that canal has dried up.

The city left you at your behest, but could not leave the memories. The journey of your memories has been with us, even if we do not come alone.