Poetry in His Memories - Uski Yaadon Mein Shayari 

We will not forget now, and we will not even be mentioned in his words. What to say about the flowing tears, my soul is also sobbing in his memories.

In his memories, drinking the poison of Gham-e-Ishq. In the separation of a friend, innocent eyes have shed tears.

My life is in agony alone, in his memories. I have become addicted, now we are called in dreams.

There is such a wait, that the eyelashes are laid in the way. Nain-e-deedar did not happen, there is a meeting in his memories.

My love remained incomplete, maybe I have to live for a lifetime in his memories. Whether I remember him or not, his name will be there in my complaints.

Gum-e-dard what, now I have learned to live in his memories. Hated alcohol, now learned to drink in his memories.

In his memories, I have kept every picture with great care. Love was not acceptable, then why should I blame fate?

For the wounds of the heart, we look for the ointment in his memories. Maybe this pain will subside, let's look for its picture in the eyes.