Patriotic Poetry on Republic Day | Har Ghar Tirnga 2023 Shayari 

The Indian flag, the symbol of peace, is dear to us. Hindu, Muslim, learning, Christian, the fair of all religions is our country.

The one who dominates the whole world, that country is ours. Waving in the hearts of even strangers, that Indian flag is unique

There is only one slogan on the lips of the brave soldiers. Never let it bow down, this Indian flag is dear to life.

Whether I live or not, but my Indian flag should keep on flying. Even if my lips faltered, the country kept smiling.

Whenever my pen is raised, I write revolution. I have a desire for love, my country is visible as a lover.

I forgot myself, but remembered the martyrdom of the martyrs. If I get a chance, I will paint in their colors, the last complaint

Every hero of the country keeps his life on his palm. That's why my country is called Hindustan

Today there are tears in the eyes, the story of the martyrdom of the martyrs. There should be no disturbance in the glory of the Indian flag, the heroes have sacrificed

Happy Republic Day