One Sided Love Shayari & Quotes In English, One Side Love Status

Once upon a time there was a knock on the threshold of the heart, today only traces remain. Had kept the pearls of the eyes, tears became in her separation.

The evening used to be illuminated by his arrival, today it is wrapped in a blanket of darkness. Ever since he stopped coming, my life is confined to four walls.

Searched in the lines of the palm, searched every city, every village. The love that was not destined, sometimes sunshine sometimes found shade.

We mistook her smile as love. They used to amuse our hearts, we used to understand.

Thinking of me as an entertainment item, where they kept robbing me. He kept on decorating his dreams with people, and my dreams kept falling apart.

Used to smile when I was sad, used to be sad when I was sad. Today they were the trust of someone else, who used to cry because of my crying.

He became the ruler of the heart, but the line of the hand did not become. I used to have his shadow with me, but my fate did not become.

I was in love with him, I understood that this is love. When I don't come back, then my life is my incomplete prayer.