Motivational Quotes for Students to Study Hard.

"Education is that magic, by which you can change difficult times into easy ones."

"Education is the only wealth, the more you spend, the more it will increase."

"Education is that wealth, which cannot be stolen by anyone, nor is education divided."

"The power to change is not in the body but in the mind, which can be achieved through education."

"Every relationship can change, but education will always be with you."

"You will find many companions in good times, but only education gives you company in bad times."

"It is not necessary that how you have received education, it is important that how much education you have received."

"Knowledge is not found anywhere in foreign countries, knowledge is within you, it just needs to be awakened."

"Education is the wealth that can buy you the whole world."

"You don't get educated by reading four things from books, you have to implement those things as well."