Most Motivating Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes - Hindi Shayari Web

Dreaming of becoming the best player in the world is not a bad thing, but it takes hard work to become a good player.

"I am always dreaming of success, in which I never want to wake up"

"Skill is not everything, it can also be found innate, success comes when nothing else is seen other than the purpose."

"They are never perfect, those who think they are already perfect. One has to do better every time to be perfect"

"Do not be jealous of anyone, if someone hates you then understand that he is pushing you to move forward"

"Unless you have faith in yourself, you cannot achieve even what you are capable of achieving"

"Decision taken in passion becomes a headache, always take the decision with a calm mind."

It is not necessary to listen to everyone to move forward, wasteful people lay thorns in the path of the destination.