Mosam Shayari in English || Sad Poetry and Status on Weather


Waiting for the weather to change, yearning for the drops of rain. We want to hide our tears, but when the weather changes, it rains.


The weather has changed, today the east has gone with the past memories of some friends. I remember those who became angry with the air of the city.


What is the matter of pride which is now changing like the weather? I have started to understand like a foreigner, who was once like a lover.


The weather has changed, the views have changed, and my friend has changed. In the fall of life, love has turned out to be unfaithful.


Once it was the rain of love, now the weather has started changing. The leaves of love have fallen, and love is starting to look like a dry tree


The weather may not change, but my friend's mood has changed. Promising never to change, a storm has slipped by.


For those who talk about changing the course of the weather, the weather itself has changed. Life left alone in the darkness of loneliness, I have become my enemy.


After listening to the stories of my pain-e-ishq, the weather has started crying. My eyes became moist and fell asleep, this sky is also losing its tempe