Mention You In My Story- Zikr Tera Shayari

Whenever there is mention of you, my tears come in my eyes. My mind wants to keep listening, in which things are your names.

Don't agree with my heart, when you are not mentioned in any story. Even though you have forgotten me, my moment has not passed, in which you are not worried.

If you don't love me then what, I still have your desire. Don't know why my story would not have been complete without your mention.

If I want to forget you a lot, yet the mention is made of you. I am very angry with you, but without your heart my heart is not able to agree.

The gathering is decorated a lot, but in which you are not mentioned, what is the use of that story. Would you like to be in a restaurant, I have started with your name.

Whenever there is mention of you, your eyes have cried my heart too. Years passed, smiled, forgot to smile since I lost you.

You have liked the distance between me, the mention of you makes me cry. It is getting difficult to live alone, since I have lost my patience.

Sometimes you come and see my street, my infidelity-e- mention is yours. I could not be loyal to you, even today your heart cares about me.