Khwab Shayari in English || Love Sad Dreams Poetry


Dreams were decorated with open eyes, every dream remained incomplete. There was a moment of love for a moment, that too became a tear.


The dream seen in Ishq-e-Mohabbat, could not be fulfilled. How could it have been complete, I could not sleep the whole night


I used to live as a shadow, now it has just become a dream. Now it may not be Deedar-e-Nain, every thought has been said.


Will be broken till he goes to the grave, every dream related to him. I will ask God, what will be the answer to the incomplete love.


The palace of my dreams collapsed even before it became a reality. Such a rainy man's grace, everything got washed away in that rain.


The desire is not complete, only the thoughts of wanting are left. Neither he came, nor any news of him, only dreams remain.


Like this, they are angry with me, they just come to meet me in dreams. It is said to say that if you do not love, then why are you persecuted.


Know that dreams are unfulfilled, all dreams are false, they will never become reality. False hopes are also necessary to survive, otherwise the crazy will not love.