Latest Sad Life Poetry || Dard Bhari Zindagi Shayari

They used to live angry, why did you ask today my mood? When was life happy before you, what will happen today.

Gulshan had bloomed a lot in life, today not even a flower is near. With you, even your pain used to be lovely, without your life there is no amount.

If you have a partner, every moment of life seems small. When you have to cut the same loneliness, even a moment feels like a mountain.

What did you go to separation, there is no outside in life because of your departure. If there is no desire without you, then only death is waiting.

Instead of happiness, pain was filled in life, They did business with us instead of love. We were deceived, for a moment's smile, They defame us all over the market.

What to say about life, we have to cry for a lifetime. The love found with requests was lost, what else do we have to lose.

Neither life is riding nor love is found, it is just slipping like sand. There is no story except tears, this life is not life.

Even the knowledgeable may not know what happened to us. The punishment of that letter, life does not know about the breath.