Latest Amazing Poetry - Tales of unfinished love.

By - G. Shastri

That God would also praise you, the God who made you. Seeing the brightness of your face, even the moon is shy of its light

There was no laughter except you, the last call was only yours. Neither your love was alive nor breathed, it was mine just for the sake of being alive.

Tales of unfinished love, life torn apart. Go here or go there, God has blessed this bandgi.

Ever since I saw you, the pen is writing in my sorrows. Why is the king of your heart writing in my thoughts?

Ever since your knock came on the threshold of your heart. It's not love that doesn't move away from you.

Those who thunder remain as thunder, and those who rain never thunder. Some are left unfulfilled, the sky is not colored in every wish.

Today, I have come to your city with the desire to buy, if you get loyalty then tell the address. What will be the cost of the faithful of your city, just tell me the king of their loyalty.

What a great performance she had to hide the pain in a dress. Always used to smile, while there was no reason to smile.