Inspirational Quotes to Keep You Inspired in 2022

"Achieving the destination is not as easy as you think. Somewhere the storm is raining, while walking, don’t be afraid of dangers."

"Sometimes times can be unfaithful, but don’t let your patience be wasted. Time will love you, don’t let greed pass you by."

"The one who has learned to bow down bows even the sky. One who considers hard work as luck, also changes the identity."

"He has become a puppet in the hands of the situation, he cannot change the situation. The one who is afraid of the stones of the path, who is a witness to history, he can never recover."

"There are bitter as well as sweet, speak your words with care. Before speaking the words, weigh them a little."

"I can take all the decisions, this can never happen. Time is very powerful, it never stops. Some decisions are also of time. But I move with the times, so I am not afraid."

"If you go through great difficulties, you will find great success. And if you are afraid of troubles, then you will just keep on rubbing your hands."

"Who is your own and who is a stranger, it is only a matter of time. The one who breaks down and smiles, where is God alone with him."