Humanities - The unnoticed

To all the people out there Is discrimination fair? Then why do Humanities stand there?

It's not a drawing class It isn't too easy to pass

Humanities isn't just a waste of time Then why choosing seems to be a crime?

It's not a door to escape math It's a bunch of careers standing flat

Brilliance doesn't glance at the stream you choose The more you work hard, lesser you will lose

Ignore the people claiming no scope in arts Interests lead to streams reaching one's heart

From history to Cookery No stream's a talk of mockery

To all the universal homo sapiens who don't know what humanities are? Are out of change's reach

Humanities isn't the game of weak It's your perspective portraying it as a worthless bleak

Accept us wholeheartedly A stage (art student) without base (trust, support, equal opportunities) isn't a good medley

A combination of basics & beauty Humanities too is a bouquet of fragrant scrutiny