Google Doodle is celebrating Kuroda Seki

Kuroda Seki was an influential painter, Google Doodle is celebrating Kuroda Seki

Western style painting is considered as the father and it originated in Japan hence its credit goes to Japan

Google Doodle on Tuesday celebrated the 156th birthday of Kuroda Seki, a Japanese painter and teacher.

Regarded in Japan as one of the greatest artists, Kuroda Seki had a strong influence as painters from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Kuroda was born on August 9, 1866 in Takamibaba in Satsuma Domain, today Kagoshima Prefecture.

He was the son of a samurai of the Shimazu clan, but was adopted as his uncle's successor at birth.

Before returning to Japan in 1893, Kuroda spent a decade in France learning to paint in a Western academic style.

He brought with him a painting called "Morning Toilet", which became the first nude painting to be displayed publicly in Japan. Destroyed during World War II.