Feeling Alone Status | Feel Loneliness Status In English

We were alone when we saw the traces of his footsteps with the people. Loss of trust in himself, when someone sees this unknown to his loved ones.

There is no fragrance or the sound of sanam, the coming and going of loneliness through the windows of the house. I have nothing to do with happiness, writing pain-e-gum is an excuse for tears.

Adorned with the universe, yet alone, time has passed the dice. What happened to love with loneliness, life has become a sporting spectacle.

Ranj-e-solitude was my issue, then what to teach from anyone. Stopped tears have to be wiped, now don't complain to anyone.

Life has become cruel, since it has come to live with loneliness. Used to be deluded after Mayakda, now every jam has come to drink.

I have everyone except you, but without you I am very lonely. Without you, even the wind does not pass here, it is just a fair of loneliness.

I was tired of meeting you, I have smiled because of your separation. There was a lot of deception in you, this is my loneliness, lakhs of truth from you.

There are many people in my life, but no one is sorry for this. If you are not beyond you, then do not consider yourself, there was a question of loneliness.