Maynna Pandey's latest poetry "Escape" 

I just don't get what I feel One time it pains and the other it heals

I feel numb most of the time Everything's just sour like lime

I don't feel like sharing 'the complete me' It may make someone disappointed or teary

All that I hide suffocates me And all I want is to flee

Towards my books, music, writing, or a shopping spree Towards fruits or an aromatic Tea Towards a workout or that cosy Coffee

Towards a place where no one can go Like the olden times when competition was low Towards the loud world

Or to the subtle silence that's rejuvenatingly slow Or to travel miles

Or to complete assignment files Once I get that ESCAPE

There's a newly found solace There's a billion routes to get to It

Sometimes it's in sleeping a bit Escapes add flavours to life But it's excess doesn't let you thrive!!