Deep Pain Status in English, Painful Love Sad Status

Deep Pain Status in English, Painful Love Status, Painful Status for Whatsapp, Short Painful Quotes & Messages

Everyone is upset, there is a caravan of memories who come to inquire about the mood. Still, he remains sorry, that he makes them cry by reminding them of the unfaithful.

The lamps of desires have been extinguished, the desires of the heart have died. The love of a few moments was destroyed, only traces remained.

Why don't you have a picture of love in your heart? Coincidences belong to the lucky ones, the lost friends do not meet everyone.

Asked him the cost of smiling, requested him to play with emotions. His tears cried from his eyes, where he had the aspiration not to.

Pain is not pleasing to my heart, and the thought of it does not go through my heart. How will the pain go away from my heart, it is a heart that cannot forget it.

Now where are those words of love, clouds of sorrow-e-pain. That moon was hidden somewhere, now the darkness has brought loneliness.

How to illuminate my heart's house, the lamp of love has been extinguished. Those who left their lives on their trust, they were the ones who set me on fire without the shroud.

It is not the issue that we lift the burden of gum-e-pain and live. I am sorry that they take the news of my pain from the non -people.