Best Hill Stations for Snowfall in India

Where does India lag behind when it comes to snowfall, the view of snowfall in India is mostly seen in northern India.

There are many such tourist places in northern India, where seeing the sight of snowfall, the heart says 'wow what a thing'.

Gulmarg has often been compared to Jannat (heaven) and it is not wrong to say so. Once covered with snow, the whole valley looks like the fairy tales we used to hear in our childhood.

Gulmarg is very famous for being one of the best skiing destinations and snowfall places in India.

The extraordinary beauty of Gulmarg in the state of Kashmir and its proximity to Srinagar attract thousands of tourists every year.

As much as Gulmarg brings respite in summers, it becomes equally fun in winters when people come here to indulge in various adventure sports activities like skiing, snowboarding, famous Gondola cable ride and trekking.

You can also enjoy panoramic views of Mount Kangchenjunga, the highest mountain peak in India, from here. The view of snowfall here from October to March is breathtaking.

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