Appreciation of Beauty Shayari | Tareef Shayari Status in English

This bowing of your eyelids, then shying away from your bowed eyelids. Doom brings you a smile by waving your scarf.

Innocent appearance, let the simplicity of the dress make you more beautiful. She is also making God crazy, Yeh Tere Mrig Se Nano Ki Bandgi.

The shadow of your smile on the buds of Gulshan is the joy of youth. Like a serpent, waving these julfas and the intoxication in the eyes is uncountable.

In praise of your beauty, the less I can say, the less it will be. I will say only this, the intoxication of getting you will always be there.

Lips blooming with rose petals, red cheeks. Made me crazy, Your walk like is the serpent.

What a longing for you, there is an angel from the sky in the north. Doing the slaughter-e-aam, the sharp, sharp Nano Beach Bindiya is adorned.

You are the treasure of beauty without makeup. Every poet has written on your beauty.

The mascara of the eyes, the redness of the lips, which has enhanced you. Simplicity on your body with marble has made you ride a lot.