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Tujh Par Haq Jatau Love Sad Poetry in Hindi

Once upon a time, there were two lovers living in a village, they loved each other very much and had a unique bond between them. In the beautiful fields of the village, in the shade of trees, and all the people of the village were lost in the story of their love.

One day, the king of the village organized a Mahamilan for the villagers. Everyone participated in this meeting with great enthusiasm. The purpose of this meeting was to share happiness with all the people of the village.

The colorful night of the meeting came, everyone was immersed in joy and fun. On this auspicious occasion, the mind of the boy and the girl was also very happy. They laughed and played with each other and got lost in their sweet talk. But amidst the creativity of this page of stories, suddenly a storm arose. The gradually increasing storm distracted everyone.

Suddenly a beam of lightning came near the boy and jostled him. The boy had an experience in his life that he had never been able to feel before. With the flash of lightning he could see that there was a terrible pain on Sonia’s face. Without saying anything, tears welled up in his eyes.

The boy held the girl’s hand and tried to calm her down. He said, nothing will happen. Our love gives us the strength to fight every difficulty. We are in this together, and together we will weather this storm.”

Together the boy and the girl weathered the storm, and their love gave them the strength to sail through everything. Eventually, the storm ends and everyone is happily reunited with each other.

But after this incident, a fire kept burning in the heart of the boy and the girl. They were forced to stay away from each other by the order of the king. They left their love and separated.

This story teaches us that many times in life we have to face challenges, but the company of true love can make every difficulty easy. The loving couple proves that the true magic of love is an inexhaustible force.

Love Sad Poetry “तुझ पर हक़ जताऊ”

तुझ पर हक़ जताऊ तू मेरी वो अमानत नहीं।
तुझे अपना कह पाऊ, मेरी वो किस्मत नहीं।

If I show my right on you, you are not that trust of mine.
I don’t have that luck to be able to call you mine.

Love Sad Poetry “सह कर तेरे सितम पत्थरा गई आँखे”

सह कर तेरे सितम पत्थरा गई आँखे, अब अश्क भी ना बहते हैं।
तन्हाई को हमराह बनाया, ना किसी और को हमसफ़र कहते हैं।

After tolerating your torture, the eyes turned to stone, now even tears do not flow.
Made loneliness a companion, no one else is called a companion.

Love Sad Poetry “प्यार भरा दिल तोड़ दिया”

प्यार भरा दिल तोड़ दिया, क्यों मिलना मिलाना छोड़ दिया।
क्यों मोहब्बत मेरी खता हुई, जो तुमने मुँह मुझ से मोड़ लिया।

Broke the heart full of love, why did you stop meeting.
Why did my love become a fault, that you turned your face away from me.

Love Sad Poetry “तेरे साथ रह रह कर “

तेरे साथ रह रह कर क्यू मैं भी बेवफा हो गया।
तू मुझ से खफा हुई, मैं जमाने से खफा हो गया।

Why did I also become unfaithful after living with you.
You are angry with me, I am angry with the world.

Love Sad Poetry “तू भी तड़प जाये “

तू भी तड़प जाये, मेरी तरहा तुझको भी कोई तरसता छोड़ जाये।
मेरे दर्द का अहसास हो, काश कोई पल पल मरता छोड़ जाये।

You too yearn, like me someone leaves you yearning.
Feel my pain, I wish someone would leave me dying every moment.

Hindi GF Shayari: “मोहब्बत में सौदा कर गए”

Love Sad Poetry “तेरे साथ का नशा था बहुत”

तेरे साथ का नशा था बहुत, फिर ना ये कदम बहके हैं।
कई सावन आये और गए, दिल के गुलशन ना महके हैं।

There was a lot of intoxication with your company, then these steps have gone astray.
Many monsoons have come and gone, the flowers of the heart are not fragrant.

Love Sad Poetry “तुझे पा कर भी पा ना सके”

तुझे पा कर भी पा ना सके, खुदा ने बक्सी मोहब्बत निभा ना सके।
बिन तेरे छलनी दिल के जख्म हम चाह कर भी दिखा ना सके।

Couldn’t get you even after finding you, God couldn’t fulfill that love.
Without your sieve, we could not show the wounds of our heart even if we wanted to.

Love Sad Poetry “आखरी तमन्ना दिल की”

आखरी तमन्ना दिल की दुनिया से रुखसत हो जाये।
तू चाह कर भी ढूंढ ना सके फिर ऐसे कहीं खो जाये।

My last wish is to leave the world of the heart.
You can’t find even if you want to, then you get lost somewhere like this.


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