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The Story Behind Christmas Day.

Santa will come, bring happiness.

Will celebrate Christmas together…

Christmas – The festival of Christmas is the main festival of Christianity. Christmas is a festival celebrated in the joy of the birth of Christ or Jesus.

This festival is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in most of the countries of the whole world on 25th December.

Christmas Day was first celebrated in Rome in the year 336 AD. On Christmas day, people give gifts to each other, cut cakes and celebrate with pomp.

This festival sets an example of love and harmony. Christmas is not only celebrated abroad with great pomp, but it is also celebrated in India.

It is also said that before the birth of Jesus Christ, it was also predicted that this son would liberate the whole world from suffering and would teach people to walk on the right path by guiding them properly and would save the whole world. And in truth Jesus Christ dedicated his life to the service of other people.

Mother Mary and Yusuf after marriage both started living at a place called Brethlehem in Judea province. It was here that Jesus Christ was born one night in the cowshed.

On the same day, a star was shining brightly in the sky and due to this people realized that the Messiah had taken birth to escape the rule of Rome. At the same time, people used to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ as Christmas Day.

Different scholars have different views about the Christmas festival. At the same time, this festival has a different significance for the people of Christianity.

Let us tell you that in the beginning, the people of Christianity were not of the same opinion about the birth of Jesus Christ, some say 14th December, some say 10th June and some celebrate his birthday on 2nd February. Whereas in the third century, the birthday of Jesus Christ was celebrated on 25th December.

Although different stories are prevalent about celebrating Christmas on 25 December. Christmas also marks the beginning of the Christmas Tide, a 12-day celebration.

On Christmas day, people make different dishes, cut cakes and meet friends and give gifts to each other. Along with this, there is also a tradition of decorating the Christmas tree.


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