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‘Religion’ Poetry by Maynna Pandey

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Religion Poetry by Maynna Pandey

Flowing into the veins other than blood
My influence could make you pray even a bud(nature)
I’m bridge upto God
But some people use me for a fraud

I’m in your mornings & in nights
You can utilize me for smiles or for fights
Bright minds gather me up in books
Giving out in society new outlooks

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I vary like the soils on the the Earth
My roots are planted in you after Birth
You employ me by worshipping at special places I’m the seeds of goodness; Not differences of races

I travel through generations
Accepting new changes without botherations

My extremes can take over your emotions

Hampering your logics & relations

I’m different yet the same
Priortising Humanity over other domain
I’m your beliefs devoted to the DIVINE
A holy Connetition beginning from your mind

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I’m a tree bearing fruits of empathy & moral Values
Forget my anecdotes imparting incorrect virtues
Sometimes I’m too hard to elucidate
That my ideals are moulded like a cynical plate

Practicing & Preaching godly beliefs isn’t only me
For some; I’m punctuality
For some; I’m Humanity

Make me the reason for happy growth
Not for the Soury bloody gore
Thanking me in felicity
Imprecating me in odd condition
Improving & Innovating should be the


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