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“End of Suffering: A Poem on Mercy Killing”

A Poem on Mercy Killing

We all possess life

 Someday, we’ll possess death

 Free from all the lifelong-threats

 Too busy in the competitive race

 Aren’t grateful for our lively space(body)

 Blessed are we who live too free

Ask those whose next breath is on uncertainty!!

Death by nature’s too rough to handle

Will we add euthanasia to the law panel?

“Eu” means good

“Thanatos” means “death” 

 Means to willingly cease our breath!

Very Sad Love Shayari in Hindi – सैड लव शायरी 2023 – Hindi Shayari Web.

A practice of Ancient Greece &  Rome

 Aimed at ending the bodily pain with peace

 For those upon whom prayers & medicines won’t work

Or those who’re cerebrally & irreversibly hurt 

People tangled up with machines 

 Leaving behind their dream beans

 Whose beats & breath are regulated

 Whose chances to be saved are Very thin& Low-rated!

Some countries accept it 

“Some don’t

 Logically, it can be 

 Morally, it won’t!!

Tough to accept 

Tougher to arrive at it’s decision

 A “”Yes” to it needs reasoning & Precision!!

If it’s with all papers & valid reasons 

 IT can be allowed for few seasons 

I support if it’s this way

 If it isn’t,  ITS a “Nay”?!! 

What are your views?

Upon such a topic with undiscussed roots!!!


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