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Hindi GF Shayari: “मोहब्बत में सौदा कर गए”

In this Hindi GF Shayari, titled “मोहब्बत में सौदा कर गए” (Mohabbat Mein Sauda Kar Gaye), the poet expresses the bittersweet experiences of being entangled in the web of love.

The poem beautifully portrays the emotional journey of two souls who have chosen to engage in the trade of love. It signifies that love is not always a fair deal, often demanding sacrifices and compromises. The poet reflects on the complexities of love, highlighting the vulnerability and uncertainty that arise when two hearts intertwine.

Through heartfelt verses, the Shayari unveils the pangs of love’s bargain, as both individuals find themselves losing parts of themselves in the process. The poet eloquently describes the emotional investment and the risks taken in the pursuit of love. The readers are invited to contemplate the complexities of relationships, the gains, and the losses encountered in the name of love.

“मोहब्बत में सौदा कर गए” speaks to the emotions that arise when one’s heart is filled with love, yet there is an acknowledgment that this love comes at a cost. It captures the essence of love’s challenges and the sacrifices made when two hearts choose to be bound together.

Hindi GF Shayari: मोहब्बत में सौदा कर गए

मोहब्बत में सौदा कर गए, एक पल मुस्कुराके ता उम्र की मुस्कान ले गए।

बहुत सफाई से ठगा उसने, मरने भी ना दिया मुझे और मेरी जान ले गए।

Made a deal in love, smiled for a moment and took away the smile of the age.

He cheated very clearly, didn’t even let me die and took my life.

Hindi GF Shayari: तस्वीर में दीदार पाते हैं

तस्वीर में दीदार पाते हैं, कभी गुलशन बाँहों में खिलता था।

तरस गए एक पल करार को, जो उसके साथ मिलता था।

We can see in the picture, once upon a time Gulshan used to bloom in the arms.

yearned for a moment’s agreement, which was found with him

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Hindi GF Shayari: वो चाह कर भी चाह ना सके,

वो चाह कर भी चाह ना सके, और हम भूला ना सके।

वाह रे मोहब्बत खूब रुलाया और हम दर्द बता ना सके।

He could not wish even after wishing, and we could not forget.

Wah re love made me cry a lot and we could not tell the pain

Hindi GF Shayari: कुछ ख्वाब थे

कुछ ख्वाब थे कुछ कल्पनाएं थी, मगर हकीकत ना बन सकी।

जिसके संग होती ख़ुशी थी मुझे, वो मेरी मोहब्बत ना बन सकी।

Some were dreams, some were fantasies, but could not become reality.

With whom I used to be happy, she could not become my love.

Hindi GF Shayari: हाथ तो पकड़ा था

हाथ तो पकड़ा था साथ चलने को, मगर बिच राहें इरादा बदल गया।

देख कर दौलत की चकाचौंद, वो यार मेरा रेत सा फिसल गया।

Had held hands to walk together, but in the middle of the way the intention changed.

Seeing the dazzle of wealth, that friend of mine slipped like sand.

Hindi GF Shayari: सब खाख हुआ,

सब खाख हुआ, बिन उसके ये दिल ना किसी को अपना कह पाया।

उससे अच्छा भी बहुत है जहाँ में, आज तलक उससा कोई ना भाया।

Everything turned to ashes, without him this heart could not call anyone its own.

It is much better than where I am, till today no one liked him

Hindi GF Shayari: वो तो भूल ही गया,

वो तो भूल ही गया, बचपन की यादें, जवानी की बातें।

उसने अपना बसा लिया, मुझे रुला जाती हैं तन्हा रातें।

He has forgotten, the memories of childhood, the things of youth.

She has settled down, lonely nights make me cry

Hindi GF Shayari: अब क्यों मुस्कुराऊ,

अब क्यों मुस्कुराऊ, बिन उसके है भी तो क्या तन्हाई।

रोने की वजह हजार, मुस्कुराने देती ना उसकी जुदाई।

Why should I smile now, what is the loneliness without him.

Thousands of reasons to cry, her separation doesn’t let you smile


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