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Best hill stations in india for family trips information with quotes

Best hill stations in india – Nainital

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Relaxation comes to the heart in the valleys of Nainital.

Even the birds sing with jhoom jhoom in the air here.

If you are planning to visit with family, then you must go to Nainital, Nainital is a place of peace.

Nainital lies in the state of Uttarakhand, India, there are many lakes between the snow-capped hills,

Among these many lakes there is a main lake named Naini Lake.

Which is located in Chhakhata town of Nainital,

The water here also changes the color of the season, it is said that in the summer season the color of the water here becomes green, during the rainy season the water becomes muddy, and in winter it becomes light blue. Every single view here captivates the heart.

Best hill stations in india – Coonoor

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Awakens romance in the hearts, she celebrates Ruthe.

When the hills of Coonoor show their glory.

To express love, make your friend travel to Coonoor, it fills the heart with the swaying greenery of the tea gardens,

The weather here is very colorful, which gives a feeling of paradise in summer.

There are many such places in Coonoor which increase the closeness by erasing the distance.

Sims Park in Coonoor

Which in 1874 J. D. Sims built in the valley of Coonoor, what to say about its beauty, whoever goes to Coonoor, does not come without seeing this park, the beauty of this park is a magic in itself that attracts the audience.

Best hill stations in india – Mussoorie

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Punish me in such a way that there is noor in me above all.

Whoever sees a glimpse of me, only mine should know about it.

Queen of Hills Mussoorie – Know why Mussoorie is called Queen of Hills.

If I describe Mussoorie Hill Station in poetry, it will be something like this

Mussoorie Hill Station has been called the queen of hills, this beautiful view of nature is no less than a nymph.

Mussoorie is a hill station located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand state.

Mussoorie Hill Station has a wonderful view of the Shivalik ranges.

Gun Hill is the main attraction here, from Gun Hill one can get amazing views of the Himalayan mountain range which is also called Bandarpunch, Srikanta, Pithwara and Gangotri group etc.


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